Primavera Clean uses the latest technology and has invested in the pure water-fed pole system. The extendable telescopic poles enable us to clean windows up to 80 feet from ground level, thus FULLY complying with health and safety regulations.

The extra reach of the extendable poles means we can clean windows that are higher and in awkward, hard-to-reach places, like above conservatories.


Why Purified Water?

Normal tap water is full of minerals and impurities such as chalk and limescale which leave deposits of scale in kettles and can damage washing machines and other appliances. If tap water is sprayed onto a window and left to dry, it will leave hard water deposits on the glass in the form of multiple spots.

Pure water goes through a filtration process removing all the impurities, making it perfect for ensuring crystal clear, smear free windows. After cleaning your glass, frames and sills the water is left to dry naturally for clean, shiny windows.


Benefits of using the Water-fed Pole System-

  • Telescopic poles are used from the ground increasing privacy and safety
  • No chemicals are used so the system is kinder to your windows & the environment
  • Windows will stay cleaner in between cleans as no chemical residue is left on the glass
  • Velux windows and windows above conservatories and extensions are much easier to reach

We don’t cut corners, we clean them!

No job is too big or too small for us. It’s our aim is to clean your windows with very little fuss or inconvenience and to offer great quality for competitive prices.